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Quivive File-ManagerSetup

The setup of Quivive-File-Manager is very easy. For a first trial it is recommendet to start with a test installation.

1. Test installation

Unpack the delivered zip file and copy the complete Quivive folder with FTP to your server root path.

Afterwards you can test the installation by calling the index.php includet within the Quivive folder. If every testbutton of the index.php works you can go to step two.

2. Target installation

Copy the complete content of the Quivive folder to the target folder in your server. Open the file config.cfg (can be eddited with every texteditor) within the db subfolder. In this file you can find additional information to setup Quivive File-Manager for your specific needs.

3. Embedding in different HTML- Editors

The embedding into different HTML-Editors depends on the actual Editor. Because of that we prepared some examples for the correct integration. Next to our standard examples we includet some examples for CKEditor (Quivive File-Manager works with all versions including the old FCK Editor) and for tinymce.



The Quivive File-Manager folder is not secured. You should secure your installation by .htaccess or something similar if you don't want that everybody has access to Quivive file-manager.

4. Activate codemirror

  • Download the last version of codemiror
  • Unpack the downloadet zip file
  • Copy the extracted folder directly into the folder Editor within your Quivive file manager setup

Thats it! The setup is complete and you can use codemirror to edit your text filles online.


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